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We are fundraising for a great cause!

EMpower - The Emerging Markets Foundation is a global philanthropic foundation focused on marginalized youth in emerging market countries.

They partner with local, community-based organizations in 15 EM countries that enable young people’s successful transition into productive, healthy adulthood, developing the next generation of leaders.

We have taken up the challenge to raise funds for this amazing charity and learn more about their incredible work in supporting youth. Give us that extra push for the final miles, and help us achieve our goal by donating to our page!

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Goooo waffles!


Joe S

Good Luck!


Jonny Thompson




Justin Portes

Good luck!


Stefano Mascetti


Daniel Hally


John O'connell


Shubham Upadhyay

Good Luck!


Carla & Cyril

Good luck, Ben should be running 10k to account for the height


Will Bedor


Christina Generoso


Kelsey Overby

Cheering you on! xx


Stephanie & Tim Kurpis

Good Luck Monia!


Waffles Sparke

Great cause, let’s do this!!!!


Alexandra Platon


Steve & Melinda

Who won.......girl or dog.......Fine effort both 😊


Chez, Tom, Lyra And Elliot

Well done Monia and Waffles! Now be a good boy Waffles and don’t try to sit on Monia while she’s doing her push-ups!


Steve Amchan


Crystal Zhang


Kevin Christopher


Monia Bianco

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