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Great to have you on board! On this page, you will find tips to share your fundraising challenge on social media, and ways to help you reach your challenge goals. For any questions about the registration process, reach out to

Have fun! Thank you for fundraising for EMpower!


Adding Fitness Activity

To make the challenge accessible for everyone, we will convert all activities to points. This way it will be easy to compete across activities and teams can mix. Your activity will be tracked by following these steps.

1) Log in

2) Hover over your name and go to "My Activity"

3) Link your profile to your FitBit Strava, Garmin or MapMyFitness


3) If you don't have these apps, manually enter your activity

Activity points

You will get the following points per activity:

Running (incl. sports that require running) (60 min is 30 points)

Swimming (60 min is 20 points)

HIIT/Strength training (60 min is 20 points)

Martial arts (60 min is 20 points)

Cycling (60 min is 20 points)

Learning new skill (60 min is 10 points)

Walking (60 min is 10 points)

Yoga/meditation (60 min is 10 points)
Skiing (20 points)
Tennis (20 points)

And that's it! The platform will automatically convert your activity to points, which will show up on your profile page. 

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JATW Fundraising ideas 2024

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JATW Socials 2024

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