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The pandemic has greatly exacerbated inequities. Marginalised young people - especially girls - continue to be among those worst affected. Now faced by additional challenges, young people in emerging market countries are feeling the effects of food insecurity and soaring inflation, making it harder for them to access dignified livelihoods, inclusive education, and live safe and healthy lives. Join us in taking on a challenge, be active, and raise funds to ensure that young people can reach their full potential.

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  • Sonja Laud just donated £500
  • Zubin Kapadia just donated £42.50
  • Jason Katzen just donated £89.25
  • Darren just donated £223.12
  • Parmita Samanta just donated £84.39
  • Jenny just donated £10
  • Esra just donated £1,000
  • Lou just donated £84.88
  • Steve Walker just donated £52.50
  • Anonymous just donated £250
  • Fernando just donated £1,050
  • Tobi Bakare just donated £30
  • Sophia Cheng just donated £87.36
  • Alan Stewart just donated £262.50
  • Robert just donated £465.84
  • Julia just donated £186.34
  • Fabiano Ribeiro just donated £1,090.07
  • David Scott just donated £93.17
  • Roman just donated £262.50
  • Carolina Yoshimoto just donated £186.34

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