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On International Women's day, let's focus on making a tangible difference for gender equity and equality. Actions, not just good intentions, transform our societies into what we aspire them to become.

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We are EMpower

EMpower - The Emerging Markets Foundation is a global philanthropy focused on marginalized youth in emerging market countries.

EMpower believes that local organisations are best equipped to understand and respond to critical needs of youth in their communities.

We identify organisations with proven, successful track-records and provide long-term partnership through grants and other value-add support (tools, resources, workshops, linkages to other funders) in three interconnected areas that are key to youth development - economic well-being, safe, healthy lives and inclusive learning.

Learn more about our work on our website.

We are building a world where all young people at the margins, especially girls, have skills, opportunities and power to live their full potential

When marginalized young women feel empowered to earn a living through fulfilling work, their energy, creativity and talents are nurtured. They can take up roles as active, engaged citizens, contributing to a positive cycle of economic growth, investment and social justice.

Support Gender Equity and Equality

It is critical to invest early in adolescent girls by approaching livelihoods as a natural progression to education, while addressing social and cultural factors that inhibit young women from joining the formal workforce.

Hear from women who have become role models in their communities and are constantly bending perceptions around the work they can do.

Support programmes that build job pathways and communities for women to thrive.

Starting today and for the next 72 hours, all personal donations from Cargill employees, current and former, to EMpower will be match funded by anonymous donor(s) for up to GBP 55,000.

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